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How do you gauge the success of a hockey organization? Is it judged solely by championships and the number of wins and losses? Maybe the only thing that matters is how much money was made or how little was lost?
I believe real success goes far beyond those criteria. 
When I look at what the Fort St. John Senior Flyers mean to the community, I cannot help but see resounding success. When I witness our fans experiencing the same joy as our players, that’s success! At the same time, when I see our passionate fans feeling the agony of defeat, that too is success…because it’s recognition they we have gained their loyalty and they are truly in it with us, heart and soul. 
We are blessed to live in a community overflowing with keen volunteers who, season after season, raise their hand and give freely of their time to be a part of the Flyers. We are the envy of most senior hockey clubs in the country because of our outstanding team of executives, conscientious security personnel, cheerful front gate & beer garden hosts, talented anthem singers, experienced disc jockeys, competent off-ice officials, and terrific bus drivers. Through their generous sponsorship, our business community makes it possible to carry on the Flyers tradition. We have the most dedicated coaching, training and equipment staff any organization could possibly ask for, and our players are driven, unselfish and fully recognize what it means to be a good teammate.
So, are the Flyers successful? Does the Club instill a sense of pride in our community? Do our fans satisfy a need to cheer for their family members, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, and their kids’ idols? Do our executives and coaches quench a desire to share their knowledge by paying back some of the good fortune they’ve enjoyed in the game? Do our volunteers feel good about being part of something as relevant and historically significant as the Flyers? The answer to all of the above is most certainly, yes!
On behalf of the Fort St. John Senior Flyers Hockey Club, I want to extend sincere thanks to each and every one of you for being such an integral part of our success.


Paul van Nostrand
President, FSJ Senior Flyers Hockey Club

Thanks to all the partners of the Fort St. John Flyers